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“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” At the Yotstore, we have created our own unique opportunity with something very special that is  not offered in any capacity in the industry.This is not your typical online store as its backed up by technical engineers like you who finally have found our niche.

We have decades of combined experience as ex-ETO’s and managing technical support companies for Superyacht IT systems. We create simplicity. We provide accessibility to crew, management and clients. We recommend the best for you. We are here 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist with all your IT needs. We are the Yotstore.

We have sought out the very best products and services which together we can depend upon, to ensure our service is the best in the market.

Changing it up

The Yotstore has taken away the complexity associated with IT services and product sourcing and make them fully accessible to whomever uses it. Therefore we decided as ex-ETOs and IT support engineers to right the wrongs of today’s procurement process by bringing it into this century. Think Amazon for superyacht tech supported by certified engineers. If you require your device plug and play we can pre-configure or remotely setup any device you purchase through us again making life simpler for you. We work tirelessly to create comfortable environments for you so from now on there are no multiple emails back and forths trying to explain what you need with somebody who just doesn’t know, today you can create a new environment and move into an efficient world with us at the yotstore.

Take it back now

Ownership of your new AV system, content and code have always been a very grey area. So grey that the integrator and the client can end up in a court battle. The integrator argument is they created the code, so therefore they own it.

Shore side support

There are some superyachts out there that run with a free AV VOD system, .For example Plex is great, but even for my personal perspective, it is not quite there yet, let alone for a millionaire’s yacht.

Upgrade means upgrade

An example being you upgrade from a traditional PABX telephone system to a networked IP phone. The desktop phone usually consists of an A5 sized phone with some quick buttons and other features and a wired handsets.

Ryan Porter

Sales Director
Co-Owner of YOT Ltd.

Kris Cardona

IT Director
Co-Owner of YOT Ltd.


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Office & Store

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