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The Future Of Onboard Connectivity

The Future Of Onboard Connectivity

With the world seemingly opening up again after the pandemic, who among us is not interested in faster, more reliable and significantly cheaper connectivity? There are some universal limitations, such as the speed of light, but most owners could save a fortune and enjoy a better experience with minimal capital outlay. Therefore we need to begin to look at the future of onboard connectivity.

From the most important factors to consider when choosing a VSAT provider on board a superyacht to the exciting developments that are currently happening in the world of onboard AVIT right now, YOT Store’s Ryan Porter discusses the future of onboard connectivity.

How is the use of VSAT penetrating the smaller boat market?

The vast majority, if not all yachts, have a VSAT antenna and would be connected to a VSAT service. I would say that is the least preferred WAN currently compared to 4G-Marina Wi-Fi and a shore connection. The high latency of 600ms kills the experience, plus the outrageous cost for such a small amount of bandwidth is frustrating in 2020. Still, a geostationary VSAT link is the only option for vessels that want to be connected to the internet while travelling outside of the cellular footprint – there isn’t currently an alternative option.

What exciting developments are happening in the world of onboard AVIT just now?

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